EA Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, with Ben Collins and Roll Deep

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The launch of EA Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. EA loved our idea and said if we can do it they would go with it! The challenge was set. As with other events the moment the client said OK it was like holy moly, game on!

Who’s got the Stig’s number then…?! And what about Roll Deep?

In one day we shot a viral video featuring ride outs with journalists either chasing or being chased by the Stig (Ben Collins) at high speeds in Lamborghinis and Porsche 911s. We could only vinyl wrap the vehicles the night before and fix the lights first thing in the morning, and by the end of the day we had them back in the yellow and purple they came in.

The insurance on the event was a challenge, let alone where do you hire three Lamborghinis and three 911s from? That’s what we do; the impossible.