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New York

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 10075, United States

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C39 Dubai Production City – Dubai

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18-40 Anderson St, Paramatta NSW 2150

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10 Bridge St, Westmin, London SW1A 2JR, UK

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Large Dracaena Marginata
Snake Plant Laurentii
Button Fern
Button Fern

Bring life to your home with premium plants

Our Mission

Plants and people belong together, but modern life can make caring for plants a challenge. We work to connect people with nature with premium indoor greenery that fits into your busy lifestyle while adding life to your indoor spaces. We support our customers with confidence and information to keep plants happy for years to come.

Our plants are selected and styled for life with you

Large Dracaena Marginata
Large Dracaena Marginata